Internet Access in CNY

Across the Central New York region – Onondaga, Madison, Oswego, Cortland and Cayuga counties – home Internet and device access varies widely and is dependent on many factors including changing infrastructure and a fluctuating economy.

The New York State Digital Equity Plan compiled data in Fall 2023 to create “digital equity snapshots” in every region of New York state.

Here are a few facts from the Central New York snapshot:

  • Household Internet
    • 32% of households earning under $35k per year do not have Internet
    • 13% of households earning $35k – $75k per year do not have Internet
    • 5% of households earning over $75k per year do not have Internet
  • Broadband Internet
    • 15% of households do not have Broadband Internet at home
    • In the households that DO have home Internet, percentages and types of Broadband:
      • Cable 44%
      • Smartphone data plan 24%
      • Fiber 12%
      • Fixed wireless 10%
      • Other 10% (community WiFi, dial-up, DSL, satellite Internet)
  • Devices
    • 9% of households do not have a computer
    • 7% of households only have Internet through their smartphones
  • Affordable Connectivity Program – only 50% of eligible households are enrolled

If you’d like to explore more about digital equity in Central New York, take a look at the Census Bureau data on types of computers and Internet subscriptions in households:

More facts and statistics can also be found on the NYS Digital Equity Plan’s website.

Why does digital inclusion matter?

Digital Inclusion can move our community toward Digital Equity, defined by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance as “a condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy and economy. Digital equity is necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning and access to essential services.”

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